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Claycord Kickboxing

Temporarily Closed Due to Covid-19

  • Beginner friendly classes

  • Functional Strength & Interval Training

  • First Month $59 includes Gloves


Release stress, get strong, and discover your inner warrior! Our program combines kickboxing with mindfulness practice and traditional martial arts concepts to create a fun, engaging experience for adult students.


Classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 7 - 8 pm. 


Play relieves stress, triggers endorphins, and improves brain function.  Kickboxing provides challenges, competition with friends, and utilizes skills we may not access in our daily lives. When your primal self is fully-engaged, your inner-warrior gets to stretch out, yell, and hit stuff.


Instructor Geoff Mires Jr has 20 years of martial arts experience. He's known for creating a fun atmosphere in the dojo and for his ability to break complicated ideas and techniques down to simple concepts. He believes in meeting each student where they are and patiently guiding them to their "Aha!" moments.

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